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Main Menu

A selection of perfectly paired charcuterie boards and delicious lunch to enjoy inside or to-go!

Weekly Lunch Menu

Our weekly grab-n-go lunch menu! Served daily starting at 10 AM. Freshly made sandwiches every day, menu changes weekly.

Turkey + Apple Club

Buttermilk Bread, Turkey, Apple, Red Leicester Cheese, Dijonnaise, Lettuce


Veggie Sandwich

Whole Grain Bread, Tomato, Avocado, Lettuce, Cucumber, Hummus


Charcuterie Boards

S+W Curated Charcuterie Boards. Grab one to go, enjoy with a glass of wine in house, or call ahead for pick up!

SM (2-3 ppl): $35 | LG (4-6 ppl): $65 | XL (8-10 ppl): $110

The Apres Board

Classic charcuterie pairings. Think of the Apres as the first step into charcuterie with flavors everyone knows and loves! This board includes hand selection of artisanal meats and cheeses, nuts/ olives/ fresh or dried fruit, and a spread like honey or jam.


The Southern Mama Board

A southern twist on charcuterie! Find classic southern flavors like spicy, pickled, and smoked.

This board includes a hand selection of artisan meats + cheeses, Southern crudites such as pickled items/ nuts/ etc. and a hearty spread your mom would love!


The Wildchild Board

Our boldest board! The Wildchild highlights stinky, funky and mature flavors. Love stinky cheeses? This one's for you! The Wildchild is for the adventurer in all of us.

This board includes a selection of stinky and bold cheeses, artisanal cured meats, nuts/ olives/ dried fruits and a spread like honey/ jam/ or mustard.


The Mimi Board

"Eat your veggies!"

The Mimi is our (vegan) crudite board! Grab a Mimi to accompany with another board or enjoy all on its own.
This board includes seasonally selected fruits and vegetables, Naan (vegetarian) or a vegan cracker and a veggie dip!



From the Cooler

Dips, snacks and extras in our cooler ready to grab! Items subject to change based on availability.


A Southern favorite! Oyster crackers marinated in a spice mix to make a delicious (and addicting) snack!


J's Whipped Feta Dip

Housemade Whipped Feta Dip. Pair with biscuit crackers for the perfect picnic snack.


Dirty Martini Dip

Housemade Dirty Martini Dip w/ Green Olives + Stilton Blue Cheese



Aqua Panna Water Bottle


San Pellegrino Flavored Cans


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